Matt Weberling Interview

This blog post is an insightful and thoughtful interview of our Chicago-area financial advisor, Matthew Weberling. What led you to work for Wealthbridge after many years in banking? I had a lifelong love of investing and an appreciation of its power in building wealth, leading to a desire to help other people realize financial independence […]

A Conversation with Our Founder

This blog post is a fresh, thoughtful, and fun interview of our founder, Tim Randle. 1.     What led you to create Wealthbridge? I wanted a comprehensive planning firm where I could deliver my clients what they needed, regardless of what that was. I did not want to be forced to try to sell proprietary products or […]

Ensure You’re Insured

In this blog post, we’re going to talk about everybody’s favorite topic: insurance! Yay! As you know, you can insure just about anything, but should you? That is the #1 question for everyone. You can be over-insured, but most people are under-insured. By not having adequate insurance coverage, you can face sudden, and essentially permanent, […]

Don’t Ignore Your 401(k)

You deserve to be able to enjoy retirement and pursue interests without worrying about money! The worst retirement outcome is for you to be 95 years old, unable to work, but have no more retirement savings. It’s better to work for an extra year or two in your 60’s than to expend all of your […]

5 Things You Probably Don’t Know, but Should, About Social Security

Social Security… a subject that most don’t thoroughly discuss. To be fair, it is a complicated topic, and it’s understandable if you prefer to just push it to the side, but you should know the basics considering it is a critical form of retirement income for many.   First, what is Social Security? Social Security […]

Estimated Tax Payments Are Confusing; Here Is an Easy Way To Understand Them

Tax season is one that is dreaded by so many people across the United States. Whether you hate the process of filing your taxes, or simply just don’t understand the tax filing process, it can be a confusing and frustrating time for people. One common question we receive is how to file estimated tax payments. […]

New Tax Law Benefits

New Tax Law Benefits: The new tax law seems to be all that people are talking about these days. Many Americans can expect to see their tax bill lowered this year under the new plan. You might not have noticed these changes, as only 24 percent of workers have taken note of this change, according […]

529s: College Savings 101

The pursuit of a college education was once viewed as essential, or even desirable, by a fraction of Americans, In the 21st century, however, college degrees are sought by the majority of high school graduates due to the importance of success in the knowledge economy. As the number of middle and upper-middle-class college students continues […]

Should You Invest In A Financial Advisor?

If you asked a series of people what their number one stressor in life was, chances are their answers would have some relation to money. Whether it is their mortgage, or their student loans, or the stocks they invested in but don’t know how to manage, there is a common denominator. Money stresses people out. It is […]

The Benefit of Early Investing in A 401(k)

Chances are if you ask a twenty-five-year-old how their retirement investments are doing, they will say, “what investments?” There is a stigma surrounding financial planning that investing in retirement is something you do when you are older. One thing that should become a priority once you land your first job is learning how to properly […]